INVITATION Femi(ni)zid

Inhaltswarnung: In der Installation werden Themen wie Femizid und Gewalt gegen Frauen* verhandelt.

Anlässlich des internationalen Tages gegen Gewalt an Frauen*, den 25. November, wird im Freiraum des MK&G vom 21.11.–3.12. die Installation „Femi(ni)zid“ zu sehen sein. In der Installation setzen sich die Künstlerinnen Claudia Christoffel, Julie Legouez und Annett Stenzel in ihren Arbeiten mit der Thematik des Femi(ni)zids auseinander.  Femizid bezeichnet die gezielte Tötung von Frauen* aufgrund ihres Geschlechts. Diana Russell prägte den Begriff bereits 1976, die Anthropologin Marcela Lagarde erweiterte die Bezeichnung zu Feminizid, um die staatliche Verantwortung und die unzureichende Strafverfolgung in den Mittelpunkt zu rücken. Besonders misogyne und patriarchale Gesellschaftsstrukturen führen weltweit zu Geschlechterungleichheiten und Gewalt gegen Frauen*.  Ein täglich ertönender Schuss, leere Demonstrationsschilder, bedruckte Bettdecken, kleinformatige Malereien; in der Installation verweben sich Formen von Protest, Solidarität und kollektiver Erfahrung.

Die Installation wird von einem Rahmenprogramm begleitet, das im Freiraum stattfindet. Die Installation und die Veranstaltungen sind kostenlos im Freiraum zugänglich.

23.11., 18–20 Uhr: Eröffnung und Vortrag
3.12., 14–16 Uhr: Artist Talk und Filmvorführung

Museum für Kunst
und Gewerbe Hamburg

20099 Hamburg

INVITATION Gruß aus Biesenthal

with works by Agnieszka Rowinska, Alistair Walther, Anna Viktoria Pal, A. Stoyke, Ayman Ghali, Beatriz Conefrey, Caroline Hellwig, Christoph Zeckel, Cristina Negucioiu, Dasha Buben, Emily Kelly, Erold Sommer, Esther Grüne, Felix Erdmann, Franziska Koch, Gerret Schultz, Gonzalo Morales Leiva, Gouaille, Grace D. Chin, Irina Grettschak, Jara Nassar, Jared Cobain, Joa Luna, Joanna Rader, Judith Prollius, Julie Legouez, Karolina Koßmann, Kasia Lukasiewicz, Katariin Mudist, Le Quyen Nguyen, Linda Göhrs,
Lynn Raav, Maria Krupa, Mariana Romão, Martyna Formella, Merlin Luczynski, Mila Starosta, Miranda Elliot, Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, Nina Plásková, Ole Villwock, Olga Wardega, Pascal Wild, Paula Pleuser, Philipp Ernst, Pierre Gassberg, Rachel Ashton, Roberto Maria Lino, Sophie Rebentisch, Suyin Haynes, Tahl Klainman, Tristan Amor Rabit, valcat, Weronika Grzes, Xeniya Tsel

Kuratiert von Marthe Howitz und Merwin Lüdicke


A study by the German Federal Criminal Police Office found, "Particularly when using public transportation, it is clear how unsafe women feel at night: The proportion of women who feel unsafe using public transportation at night exceeds the proportion who feel safe (66.7% vs. 33.3%)."¹
Women*² are often left alone with the question of safety, especially in big cities like Berlin.


The exhibition I ALWAYS HOLD A KEY IN MY HAND by Evelina Reiter and Julie Legouez explores this issue. The two artists create works especially, for the 550 sqm empty Rossmann-store, that make the viewers aware of the dangers women* are confronted with in public space. 


Reiter shows large-scale paintings set in various urban settings that focus on insecurity and how to overcome it. Legouez, on the other hand, presents an installation that subtly highlights fears and their effect on women* in urban spaces.


But not only issues are presented, solutions and responses to how women* can be safer in the city are worked out within the exhibition. The exhibition's program starts with a concert of the band CAVA. The garage duo from Berlin convinces with feminist lyrics and their terrific live performance. Furthermore, the exhibition offers a self-defense course by Bärbel Düsing especially for women*. Here, participants* can learn how to defend themselves in emergency situations and thus empower themselves even more.

On the last day, there will be a panel talk where experts from different fields will present their ideas and visitors are invited to ask questions and contribute ideas.


 Combining art, a concert, a self-defense workshop, and a panel discussion, I ALWAYS HOLD A KEY IN MY HAND offers a comprehensive program that can help women* become more confident and safe in urban spaces.

¹German Federal Criminal Police Office: „Sicherheit und Kriminalität in Deutschland – SKiD 2020“, S.148, November 2022
 ² *lesbian, inter, non binary, trans, agender people 

PORTRAIT by Josefin Granetoft


With the Culterim residency program, vacant spaces at Kaiserdamm 102 were activated as temporary studio spaces for 6 months. The artists revive the spaces as the first and last actors. The final exhibition of the Kaiserdamm Residency 'Culterim | Kaiserdamm' opens on Thursday, 10.11.2022 at 5pm. The 16 artists will exhibit their newly created works in a group exhibition in the former air-raid shelter at Kaiserdamm 102.

// Curation //
Marthe Howitz and Fred Unruh

// Artists //
Amanda Wilson * Amirnasr Kamgooyan * Anide * Anna Mészáros * Cynthia Villamil * Ella Taub * Erold Sommer * Frederik Marks * Iris Goetzke * Joana Lucas * Julie Legouez * Jung Soo Cho * Pascal Wild * Priska Engelhardt * Roberta Cotterli * Serge Serum

// Opening days //
10.11. - 13.11.2022
Thu/Fri 17-22h, Sat/Sun 14-19h

// Location //
Culterim | former air-raid shelter Charlottenburg
Kaiserdamm 102
14057 Berlin

Hope to welcome you during the open days!

PRESS Dear Diary,... on KubaParis

INVITATION Dear Diary, ...

Dear Diary,


As a child, I hardly had any female-identifying role models. Not for life and certainly not for art. I knew Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso. "Picasso, that genius," I heard over and over again. Mostly male artists hung and still hang in museums. In school, we only talked about male artists. Male Artists in expressionism, male artists in impressionism, blah blah blah, genius here, genius there.

It sucked - and it still sucks!


Six of the invited female artists* live in Berlin, the others I discovered online and invited because I admire their work. Many of the works shown here were created specifically for this exhibition, which thematically explores the everyday, whether through material or content.

With this exhibition I want to create a new network and connect, to show and promote exchange between women artists*.


That's why I'm writing it down here, dear diary. And to always remind myself:


Women*, unite! Yours, Julie

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